Ethical Standards

At ReferralSmart™, we believe strongly that businesses and individuals should always act in an ethical, responsible manner. As part of the requirements that you have agreed to when joining our site, we ask all members to agree to abide by an Ethical Standards Policy in relation to their ReferralSmart™ membership. What we are trying hard to create is a community of trustworthy business people who can feel confident networking together and growing by referral. Sniviling evil-doers will not be tolerated!

Here are the ethical standards that we think help create a community of trust:

  1. Applicable Professional Standards – Each Member will uphold the ethics and standards of their profession or trade at all times. Any professional standards of conduct required by the profession will take precidence over those of this site, except in the case where ReferralSmart Ethical Standards are more stringent than those of that profession or trade;
  2. Know Your Connections – Members who agree to become a Connection with other members are responsible for becoming familar with ("getting to know") those other members' businesses. The purpose of this is twofold. First, to maximize the correct referral opportunities in order to help that member grow. Second, to help protect the person being referred from an unscrupulous business or person or otherwise an incorrect referral for either the member or the customer;
  3. Good Faith Referrals – Members will provide what they believe to be genuine referrals to each other, in good faith, and as part of the site's purpose helping members grow by passing qualified referrals among each other. Members will not make referrals for the primary objective of getting Rewards Points or any other incentives;
  4. Integrity – Members will act with integrity at all times when dealing with other members and any referrals received. Members being referred to will respect any overlapping business opportunities of the member making the referral (in other words, a member who receives a referral will not try to steal away the customer or client of the member who is making the referral);
  5. Service – Members will make their genuine and best efforts to follow-up with referrals received and provide feedback to the member who referred the business to them. If a member cannot provide a service they will notify the referral and the member who referred them;
  6. Positive Association – Members will act in a positive and helpful manner with other members and their referrals and when discussing other members to their referrals.Clark Stanley's Snake Oil Liniment. Before 1920.

As you can see, the ethical standards are really common sense. We simply want to make sure members act in a professional way towards other members and customers, know the the particular business of anyone they connect with, make referrals in good faith, act with integrity, provide good service and follow-up on referrals given and act in a positive manner. Simple "Golden Rule" stuff. Easy peasy!

Another reason for this policy is that we would like to help get the word out about you and your business. Some of the features and benefits that we are creating at ReferralSmart now and in the future will make your upholding good ethical standards an important part of the way that we help you grow by referral!

We continually invite your feedback and comments. As in any organization or membership site, an ethical policy like this is a living, breathing embodiment of the membership. We want it to represent great businesses, so we value your input. Also, if you know any snake oil salesmen, please don't invite them to join. We care too much about our membership for that to happen!

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