Made a Connection? Here’s what to do next…

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In the first few tutorials, we've taken you from setting up your ReferralSmart profile, to inviting your current business connections and finally searching for other Members with whom you might like to make new Connections.

So, now what? Well, we're glad you asked.

Now for the profitable (and fun part). Once you have at least one Connection, you now have the ability to give and get qualified referrals for your business! Since the goal of joining the Referral Smart™ Network is to grow your business by referral, we have tried to make it an easy, systematic process for you and other members.

Here are the steps we would suggest in keeping knowledgeable and in contact with your personal ReferralSmart networking Connections: 

  1. Review Their Profile. The Member Profile they created should hopefully provide a lot of valuable information, including, the type of referrals they are looking to receive, their "Value Proposition" and other information that helps you know more about them. Even if you knew the member prior to connecting on, their Profile can still be an important reference for you. If a Member does not have a complete profile, urge them to complete it so that you have the most full and up to date info on them. It will help not only you know more about them, but could also help them make new Connections, too.
  2. Keep Your Profile Updated. Unless your Connections (and other members who may want to connect with you) know the kinds of referrals you are looking to receive, what makes you unique via your "Value Proposition", and other important Profile info such as your business information, your specialty/expertise, etc… they can't help you efficiently by providing the most suitable referrals to you either!
  3. Meet "LIVE." Yes there is life outside the web! In addition to connecting on our website, we still suggest that you meet with members in your network, periodically. Whether it is their office or yours, a quick breakfast or lunch meeting, or even a phone call or video call, these "live" meetings go a long way towards establishing and building trusted, solid referral relationships. At the very least, a periodic phone call helps to keep both of you in the loop and reinforce the fact that as members, you have agreed to our ethical standards, which includes helping each other succeed. Remember, your business connections are real, live, breathing people, just like you! 
  4. Look for opportunities to refer potential customers/clients to your Connections. Sending them a referral is easy through our system. Just click on the Manage Connections/Send Referrals tab and you're ready to go! Giving referrals often leads to getting referrals, so why not make the first move!
  5. Give your Connections examples of the types of referrals that you have helped! There is nothing like a real life example to help solidify what you and your business does in the minds of your referral network.
  6. Feel free to Private Message members in your network, or potential connections, through the ReferralSmart system. DO NOT PASS REFERRALS through the Private Messaging system. If you do, you cheat other members of the ability to track the referral, yourself out of getting Rewards Points, and everyone out of the valuable tracking and reporting system that ReferralSmart was designed to help you utilize so you can grow your business MORE EFFECTIVELY by referrals. The PM system was designed so you can remind members of referral related issues, ask follow-up questions, get clarifications, and otherwise strengthen the trust between members. We do not allow spamming, MLM recruiting, harassing other members or any other annoying behavior that would be unconducive to the site and its members. With that said, using the Private Messaging system can be a great way to communicate and share info with your connections… the advantage being that your referrals and related business networking communications are all in one place… at! 

So, if you have already made Connections, congratulations! Now you simply need to look for referral opportunities to help your personal business network succeed. At the same time, they will be looking to help you grow your business by referral, too!

If you haven't made any Connections, yet… what are you waiting for? Invite your current business contacts through our "Invite to ReferralSmart" email invitation system or "Search Members" on the site to make new Connections! 

Good luck! Please contact us if you have any questions. Also, check out our other blog articles and tutorials to help get the most out of our business referral networking site. Grow Your Business the Smart Way! –

-Your ReferralSmart™ Team

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