Making Connections – creating your Personal ReferralSmart Business Network

Once you Sign Up at, the first thing you should do is create your Profile (see the post "Your ReferralSmart Profile™ -Tips & Tricks). The second thing you should do is to start searching for members to add as business connections to your network. You can do this by using the Search Members page.

Our search feature gives you a whole bunch of criteria that can help you drill down and find members that might be a great fit for your personal business referral network! Your searches can be broad or narrow, depending on the the type and location of members you are looking to find. Our goal was to give you relevant, targeted results. For example, you can do the basic things like search by name, city and state. You can also search by county and zip code. To get even more specific, you can even look members up by business name, business industry, expertise/specialty or even by their designation (REALTOR, MD, DDS, CPA, CFP, etc).

Once you click the search button, ReferralSmart™ will search it's member database and find members who fit that search criteria (to see them, you may need to scroll down the page to get past the search criteria section). Click on that member's profile and read more about them and their business. If they seem like they would be a good networking partner, you can then send them an invitation through the site by clicking on the Send Connection Request link at the top of their Profile page. Your connection request can be semi-customized with a personal message introducing yourself. (Along with your message, there will also be standardized disclosure and link to your profile so they can learn more about you.) If you do not already know the other member, we suggest your invitation asks them to meet in person or by phone prior to accepting your invitation. The ReferralSmart™ network is based on trust. Why? Because our network is based on quality referrals and connections, not quantity. You want a core group of businesses that you trust in your network. Ones that you fell comfortable recommending and get recommendations from. That's how you make connections with members… easy!

If you do a search and don't find any members who fit your criteria, it could be that either you search criteria was too narrow (maybe you chose too many criteria), a member who might be a great fit hasn't fully completed their profile (that's why filling out your profile is the first priority when signing up!) or we don't have a business member yet that meets that criteria (in that case you can try to invite someone to your ReferralSmart network by sending an email invitation through the site. We will show you how to do that in another tutorial).

Adding members to your personal ReferralSmart business network is easy and should be fun. This is the best in referral networking! We have tried to create a site where you can find out about  members before you make the connection, choose those you think would be good reciprocal referral partners, contact them easily through the site, create your own personalized network and grow your business!

So after you sign up and create your profile… Search Members and start making Connections!


The ReferralSmart™ Team

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