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Would you like a way to invite trusted and ethical business contacts, that you already know, to Inviting part of your existing referral network is a great way to extend the power of ReferralSmart™ and help you pass, track and evaluate your referral business… even better! We have also made it easy! So why not spread the love… and show your business contacts how can not only help grow your business, but theirs as well. (Don't forget… in addition to free networking and an excellent referral system… we also give rewards to members.)

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Inviting people from outside of to join our site and become part of your network is simple. After you log in, just go to the Invite to ReferralSmart tab. From here, you can currently invite members in one of two ways. First, you can enter up to ten names and email addresses, create a customized message and send an invitation to business contacts that you want to invite. We send your invitation message to them in an email that also explains, briefly, what is all about. The email includes a link to your Profile. (Can you see why we always suggest you complete your ReferralSmart™ Profile and keep it updated?)  Customizing your message is a an excellent idea. It lets the business contact you are inviting know that it's a personal invitation from you… not a ReferralSmart™ generated mass email (which we would never do!)

Hint: If you have a referral for an existing business contact who has not yet joined, this could be a great opportunity to invite that person or business to ReferralSmart™. Just use the Invite feature to send them a customized message letting them know you have a referral to give them. Ask them to please sign up, connect with you and get the referral… all for free. Remember, all new members start off with free Referral Credits and once they accept that referral, you'll automatically earn one Rewards Point! Voilà… a win-win situation!

If you use GMAIL, we can also save you some time! Rather than type in the email addresses of your business contacts, you can log into your GMAIL account through our site (we do not store your password), and access your address book. You can then simply check off the contacts you would like to send the initiation to and we do the rest! Although the GMAIL interface is up and running, it is in beta, which means that we are still testing it's usefulness and functionality. So, if you experience any issues when using this method, please give us feedback and we will work to quickly resolve the issue. In addition, if you would like to see the ability to add business contacts through other email or contact management systems, please let us know. As we get enough requests for a particular method, we will do our best to make adding trusted business contacts as seamless as possible across different platforms.

Inviting outside business contacts is very simple and can help grow not only your business, but their's as well! So, don't be afraid… try it! We look forward to helping you succeed and grow you business by referral! Get referrals the smart way!™


The ReferralSmart Team

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