We have Officially LAUNCHED ReferralSmart.com!

We are officially in “launch mode!” Our site is now in beta or the testing phase. This means that you can now sign up, use the site and the features that we have finished programming (we also have some exciting upgrades planned in the near future), suggest improvements and help make it one of the best sites in which businesses can network with each other and pass qualified referrals.

Basis Membership is FREE: During this process of launching ReferralSmart.com we are very appreciative of your help! Basic membership is FREE and will allow you to make up to 20 networking Connections with other members who will hopefully become powerful “Referral Spheres of Influence” for you!

How It Works: The system is designed to be very simple, efficient and effective. Every time you accept a referral, you pay with one Referral Credit (we will discuss Rewards Points for giving referrals later). So, to get members Connecting and Referring, we are also providing all new members who Sign Up during our beta phase with 20 FREE Referral Credits! (That’s a value of up to $60). That gives you up to 20 referrals from other members whom are part of your network, at no cost to you! (After that, the cost of a referral is ridiculously cheap as you will see at ReferralSmart.com.)

How can you help us to help you?

  1. Sign Up FREE at http://www.ReferralSmart.com;
  2. Log in and create your Profile.  In your profile, you can specify what kinds of referrals you are looking for, what your value propostion is and any additional information. Also, you can provide details on up to three different businesses that you have (for example, A member might be a Financial Advisor, Life Insurance Agent, Property & Casulaty Insurance Agent or a member might be both Electrician, General Contractor) Also, be sure to suggest towns, counties, industries, expertise categories, etc. so we can keep our database easily searchable and meaningful to members.;
  3. Get familiar with the site and Search for existing members to connect with and send them a customized invitation through our site;
  4. Invite new members to ReferralSmart.com using our email invitation system. You can type in up to 10 emails at a time or access your GMAIL account to help you find potential business members to invite. Remember, we have just launched, so there may not be many members in your area yet. You can help us by inviting those you like to join! Please be patient… we will work quickly to help get new, ethical, great members added as quickly as possible.
  5. Once you make a Connection with another member you can start giving and receiving Referrals. Every time you give one and it is accepted by the other member you will receive a Referral Point. These points will eventually be able to be redeemed for prizes!
  6. Like us on Facebook, Follow & Retweet us on Twitter,  mention us on LinkedIn.
  7. Provide us with feedback! This is a business referral network that we are trying to design around ReferralSmart™ members. We want to customize it you your needs, and to do that we need your input!
Thanks for your help and we look forward to building an excellent referral network that can help your business grow and thrive!
Steven Boorstein, CEO


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