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The quality of the referrals you get is extremely important to your business. The more qualified the referral... the less you "spin your wheels" with wasted time and effort chasing prospects that don't really want or need your services.


ReferralSmart™ networks are meant to be powerful "spheres of influence" for members. After making connections with other members whom you feel are good networking partners and learning about your collective businesses, the goal is to start passing referrals. Referrals mean business for you! Of course, that the goal!


So, how exactly does it work? After making a connection with another member, you will be able to get and receive referrals from that member. If you accept a referral one "Referral Credit" will be deducted from your account balance(we start you off with free referral credits, after you use them up you can either redeem Rewards Points to get more FREE or purchase more for a very small charge). If you reject the referral, nothing is deducted because you didn't accept the referral. The member who sent you the referral will get a notification that the referral was not accepted and then they can send it to someone else in their network, if they wish.


If you give a referral, and it is accepted, your account will be credited with one "Rewards Point." Rewards Points will be able to be redeemed for prizes as we continue to develop this beta site... but more about that later!


If you accept a referral, the site will help you track several key bits of information that will help you analyze your referral business. Over time you'll be able to see very valuable statistics on how interacting with other ReferralSmart™ business members, and passing referrals through our site, will help you build more solid connections, increase your revenue, and track your referral network to identify how successful your referral network is to your business!


* It is possible that the some professions may prohibit the payment of any fee for a referral. We do not warrant the applicability of this site to any particular profession and suggest that if you have questions you consult your professional board prior to joining.