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Yes, there is an ethical way to get rewarded for helping others build their business!


We have taken great care to try and develop a system that give members an incentive for providing good referrals to other members... without crossing many of the ethical boundaries inherent in other sites and groups.*  


When one of the members you are conntected to in your networks accepts a referral that you have sent them, you get a Rewards Point. Accumulate enough Rewards Points and redeem for prizes or more Referral Credits! Reward Points are one way that ReferralSmart™ provides a small "thank you" for helping us to build a stronger business community.


The focus is, and should be, on members providing quality referrals... not on getting compensation by another member for giving them a referral. 


So, at ReferralSmart™, you can build your business by getting good quality referrals from other members, and you can feel good when you pass a good referral to another member because you did a great thing... and also got a small "thank you" from us.


Please see the HELP section for more information on our Rewards system and what makes us different. 


* It is possible that the some professions may prohibit the payment of any fee or the receipt of anything of value for a referral. We do not warrant the applicability of this site to any particular profession and suggest that if you have questions you consult your professional board prior to joining.